Czech Republic

Přemysl Hytych

Czech Republic

Přemysl Hytych
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Competitor Information

Přemysl Hytych

Hometown: Měnín, Czech Republic
Favorite flower: White Nerine

Professional experience:

  • 2009: First place, International Floristry Championship, Czech Republic
  • 2012: First place, International Floristry Championship, Slovakia
  • 2013: First place, Designer of the Year, Fusion Flowers competition, Scotland
  • 2013: Third place, Wedding Bouquet, Special Flowers competition, Russia
  • 2013: Winner, Golden Leaf, International Floral Art 2013/2014, Stichting Kunstboek, Belgium
  • 2014: First place, International Floristry Championship, Poland
  • 2015: Second place, Designer of the Year, Fusion Flowers competition, Scotland
  • 2016: Winner, Silver Leaf, International Floral Art 2016/2017, Stichting Kunstboek, Belgium
  • 2018: Winner, Silver Leaf, International Floral Art 2018/19, Stichting Kunstboek, Belgium


Přemysl Hytych has been professionally interested in floristry since the mid-1990s, when he started his career. Born in a small Czech village called Měnín, Hytych’s artwork draws on his birthplace and country. He incorporates the structure, nature, variety of plants and specific elements of the region into his work.

He has always been fascinated with the creative force of nature, its diversity, shapes and colors. Přemysl’s artwork is a unique expression of sheer purity, which he achieves with perfectly balanced compositions, a deep sense of detail, and a variety of colors and materials. To him, each plant is majestic and deserves a special place in the object he creates, but each element must also work together. Above all, Přemysl tries to see more than just materials or colors – he also needs to feel and smell them, because every element mirrors a unique essence of life.

Everyday communication with nature is very important to Přemysl, because he regards Mother Nature as an endless source of inspiration. Both in life and work, he enjoys the finesse of balancing on the edge. His motto is to never conceal your feelings and not be ashamed of them, because you have a unique opportunity to show precious pieces of your soul to the world.

In addition to his many international recognitions and awards, Přemysl has conducted workshops, seminars, demonstrations and exhibitions in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Spain, Scotland, Japan, South Korea, India, Vietnam and China. Although Přemysl considers his work to be a hobby, he also enjoys sports, music, nature and traveling.

Přemysl Hytych is representing the Czech Republic on behalf of Fleurop.