Hans Zijlstra


Hans Zijlstra
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Hans Zijlstra

Hometown: Groningen
Favorite flower: Cattleya orchid

Professional experience:

  • 1993: Haren, Regional Champion, Junior Class
  • 1995: Den Haag, Seventh Place in the Dutch National Championship, Senior Class
  • 2001: Amsterdam, Second Place Dutch Championship, “Most Beautiful Wedding Design” for Queen Maxima, Senior Class
  • 2004: Nieuwegein, Finalist in the Dutch National Championship, Senior Class
  • 2005: Nieuwegein, Second Place Dutch National Championship, Senior Class
  • 2010: Malmo Sweden, Participation FlorCert
  • 2012: Venlo, Decoration Floriade
  • 2012: Gravenzande, Decoration Olympic Golden Medal Winner London, Swimmer Ranomi Kromowidjojo
  • 2012-2018: Assistant Dutch National Championship
  • 2012-2018: Photoshoots for International Florist Magazines (Slovenia, Russia, Holland)
  • 2013: Zurich Switserland, Wedding Decoration
  • 2014: Naklo Slovenia, Demonstration Trends
  • 2014-2017: Frankfurt Germany, Decoration Christmas World
  • 2014: Veenendaal, Third Place, Preliminary Championship Fleurop Interflora World Cup Berlin Germany
  • 2015: Beijing China, Decoration project of Caty tulip flower show
  • 2015: Baku Azerbeijzjan, Decoration Flower Festival
  • 2016: Wageningen Stoas, Study National Certified Judge Seminars
  • 2018: London England, Silver Guild Medal, with the Floral Fundamentals at the Chelsea Flower Show
  • 2018: Veenendaal, Winner of the Preliminary Championship Fleurop Interflora World Cup


Hans Zijlstra is a Dutch florist who inherited his business from his parents. Hans is a sparkling presence and finds himself travelling the world working with flowers. Although he is a hard worker, he admits to having a lot of fun in his profession. He thrives on making beautiful creations and loves to amaze others with the potential that flowers offer an innovative designer.

Hans began competing in 1993 and won his first competition. In 2005, Hans came in second in the Dutch Championship. He has also delivered demonstrations, given lessons, become a judge and styled many photo shoots for international floral magazines. He travels around the world to get inspiration for his designs.

Hans strives to show passion, emotions and feelings in his arrangements while always staying true to himself. In his spare time, Hans enjoys sports and working with flowers.

Hans Zijlstra is representing the Netherlands on behalf of Fleurop.