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Vincenzo Antonuccio Will Represent Italy

Vincenzo Antonuccio is the official FTD World Cup 2019 competitor for Italy. The son of a former Interflora World Cup competitor, he will compete against other floral artists from around the globe with the goal of winning the world’s most prestigious floral design competition.

Antonuccio is an accomplished Floral Art designer and is the co-founder of School of Floral Art “Laboratorio Idee” located in the Italian region of Sardinia. He also teaches the prestigious International Course of Floral Designers at renowned designer Peter Hess’ Atelier-5 School in Switzerland.

In addition to his Floral Art work, Vincenzo holds various positions as a product designer of luxury kitchens and furnishings. His strong skillsets in both areas of Floral Art and Furniture has allowed him to create collections that are both exclusive and cosmopolitan. He held the prestigious role of Art Director and Designer of the renowned Italian company VG Newtrend, a world leader in design and luxury furnishing accessories, where he designed countless successful collections and furnishings presented in showrooms around the world. Vincenzo has also worked with other high-end brands in product design such as Brummel Interiors, Aston Martin, Mercedes Benz, Visionnaire, the renowned and most prestigious furniture company of the Cavalli family, and Luxia by Bocchio.

Antonuccio’s interests include traveling the world and playing with his daughters.

Vincenzo Antonuccio is representing Italy on behalf of Interflora.

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